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My stupid neighbors.

See, I know we don't have the best of neighbors.  We live in publicly funded housing. I get it.

However, why would you steal dryer sheets, leave the box, then steal a Downy ball, and then after that, steal detergent?

I suspect it's the herd of ethnic kids hanging out in the stairwell, after Mark shooed them out of the 'locked' unoccupied apartment upstairs they used to hang out in because they sounded like they were a herd of elephants. But why would they steal such stupid stuff? They don't seem poor, they dress better than I do. They seem bored, but stealing dryer sheets? Liquid detergent? Please. There are much better amusements.

I'm going to call the apartment office about the hanging out in the stairwell but I don't know what good it's going to do. I want to laugh for the sheer stupidity of it and be mad at the same time because they stole something of mine that I needed at the moment.

Everyday musings.

Life's a bit slow at the moment. Nothing really exciting going on.

I got my new video card, and it works like a charm. It's a bit noisy sometimes, but...the temps on it are fine, so I'm not sure why.

Catherine's report card was excellent as usual, and it appears that the bully that's been plaguing her for almost three years may be getting cut off at the knees.

I have the usual two-week sinus headache that accompanies the beginning of the fall season.  Go go Benadryl...and extreme sleepiness.

Mark's down in weight about thirty pounds. I was thinking that I should adopt his eating habits, but he sagely pointed out that I eat much less than he does. Le sigh. Exercise seems to be the only thing that helps me get in shape and/or lose weight.

I've been doing a lot of political research lately, what with all the hullabaloo going on. I've decided to make my affiliation official and vote in the primary.

Anyone have any non-complicated (by that I mean less than seven ingredients) recipes that I can make for dinner? Also, I don't want to be shopping for exotic foods (I just don't have the budget), so what you can get at the local grocery store should be the ingredients. I should also be able to feed three people from what I make.

Birthday! Yay!

It's my birthday, and damn, it's been a long year. I can finally say I'm 29 with a straight face (next year it'll have to be "29 and..."). 

I expect to do much of my actual celebrating next weekend at Fantasci, but I already got roses and my favorite cookies, and more surprises should be in store. The most anticipated "surprise": a new video card for my computer. I've been running on integrated graphics, and while they suffice (barely), I have to run programs/games/resolutions at very low settings to get them to behave properly. Then again, most any video card made in the past two years would be better than integrated graphics, which pulls down a hellish amount of RAM.

I should be on IMs tonight, if anyone just happens to wander by virtually and wish me a happy birthday. No pressure or anything. *grin*


We put Mark's son back on the plane to Texas Saturday (use Richmond International if you need to fly into or out of VA at all...it's the best airport I've ever seen). Met a geniunely friendly lady who had put her fourteen year old sister on the same plane and talked with her at some length. We came home after the two and half hour drive and collapsed (me until Sunday afternoon, and Mark until Sunday morning sometime).  I'll miss the kid--less moody than most, with a good head on his shoulders.

This is not a good year for us for cons. The lovely couple we were supposed to share the cost of DragonCon with had a series of personal mini-tragedies and/or problems and won't be going. Seeing as we're not rolling in it...neither will we.  Kind of a disappointment for us--this was something we were looking forward to all year, but things happen and we know it. Have a good time if you are going and commiserate with me if you aren't.

Mark and I have a few days to ourself before Catherine comes back for the school year, and I don't think we entirely know what to with ourselves.  Sure, we're planning for Catherine's birthday (which is Wednesday), but seeing as she didn't want a party, and she's spending the day of her birthday at her father's, planning consists of wrapping her presents and making a cake. Not much to do there. I may do a more-than-decent cleaning of the apartment so I don't have to do it later.
Well, it's official: we're not going to LibertyCon this year. With three kids here most of the summer, and the related food/clothing/travel bills, we can't justify going all that way and spending money we don't have to when we could save it for DragonCon and have much more fun with it.


I'm taking this entry down, and its related comments.

Right or wrong, it's causing too much drama. I don't need it, and I don't think anyone else needs it.

I admit I may have been somewhat harsh about what I said, and I think others may have been also. I think, as adults, that we all need to let it go, and go our separate ways. To keep this going only makes everyone look petty and childish.

No, I'm not dead or in jail.

Been a while, hasn't it?

Not too much is happening. I've been basically busy with the kids and World of Warcraft (having joined a almost fanatical raiding guild).  Seems like WoW is becoming more and more a man's game. For every five guys I've interacted with, four have made some kind of pass at me (which is funny in a weird kinda way, since I don't see myself as all that great). Tired as usual, weird schedule as usual, and kids are pains as usual.

Bless my mother, she just replenished my supply of Senseo pods. I now have a two-months' supply of caffeinage. She also sent food!

There's something to be said about hanging out around the house in your comfy pants. I haven't put on a pair of jeans in...three days?  I'm loving it.
My depression's been getting the better of me lately. I'm looking at the dishes piling up, the laundry unfolded, the clothing strewn everywhere, the carpet not vacuumed...and as bad as it sounds, I haven't given much of a damn. I really just don't. It's not fair to Mark, or the kids, or anyone else that happens to come around...but I don't care, and I hate that. It's a vicious cycle. I hate myself for being depressed, and then become more depressed because of that.

I try my best to keep up on things around here, but I'm so starved for non-kid company (Mark's gone most of the daylight hours and is very tired when he does come home) that I end up playing MMORPGs all day in order to talk to someone adult instead of doing chores. Doing those normal, everyday things depresses me, and having a teenager around the place that has an allergy to picking up after himself and a eight year old that explodes in her room on a daily basis does NOT help matters.

I have also been drinking a lot more coffee and eating a lot less lately. Don't know why, but it can't be good. I'm not trying to starve myself but I just don't have a real desire to eat, and that's not like me.

On the bright side, the last day of school for the kidlet is today, and I can start sleeping past 7 am! More sleep is always good.

An equation.

This is going to be an interesting summer. Here's the equation:

I have a distinct feeling I'm going to need copious amounts of either a) alone time or b) alcohol to come out of this with reasonably good mental health and intact china.

Cable problems...a thing of the past? pt.2

Woot! The cable works. I only had one latency spike last night for two minutes, and the internet was useable the whole night!

World of Warcraft, here I come! (Again.)