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Everyday musings.

Life's a bit slow at the moment. Nothing really exciting going on.

I got my new video card, and it works like a charm. It's a bit noisy sometimes, but...the temps on it are fine, so I'm not sure why.

Catherine's report card was excellent as usual, and it appears that the bully that's been plaguing her for almost three years may be getting cut off at the knees.

I have the usual two-week sinus headache that accompanies the beginning of the fall season.  Go go Benadryl...and extreme sleepiness.

Mark's down in weight about thirty pounds. I was thinking that I should adopt his eating habits, but he sagely pointed out that I eat much less than he does. Le sigh. Exercise seems to be the only thing that helps me get in shape and/or lose weight.

I've been doing a lot of political research lately, what with all the hullabaloo going on. I've decided to make my affiliation official and vote in the primary.

Anyone have any non-complicated (by that I mean less than seven ingredients) recipes that I can make for dinner? Also, I don't want to be shopping for exotic foods (I just don't have the budget), so what you can get at the local grocery store should be the ingredients. I should also be able to feed three people from what I make.


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Oct. 21st, 2007 02:32 pm (UTC)
Hmmmm how about the roast I did the other night? Go out and get a 4lb[or there abouts...can me a little less. mine was only3 and a half]round tip beef. Rub down with garlic powder, rib rub[if you don't have any feel free to skip the rub] black pepper, dry mustard [just a pinch or 2 on either side] cumin, and....oregano. after you've rubbed it down throw it on a grill for an hour. I'm not sure what kind of grill you've. If its a charcoal grill and one of the vertical barrel smokers like mine....set the grill down in the middle groove above the coals. If its gas....do it at 350 and set it on the smaller shelf above the main one. or do it in the oven on bake for appoximately an hour and a half to 21/2 hrs dependin on how well done you want it. I did mine for 2hrs came on my grill an it came out beautiful. After its been cookin an hour baste it with a mix of [and no I didn't measure] jack daniels recipe No7 bbq sauce, a little bit of merlot [I think I used about 2 tablespoons or there abouts] Then quarter up a lime, And squeeze a quarter in to the mix. Mix up the baste and slather the roast in it. then cook til done.
Yummy Yummy!
I posted this one on the bar the other day and got called an evil bastard cuz I was makin everyone hungry. :D

And nope...sorry I don't have measurements....I do my seasoning and basting mixes on the fly.
Oct. 21st, 2007 09:00 pm (UTC)
Easy Southwest chicken
chicken breasts or thighs
large jar of chunky salsa
Monteray Jack cheese
rice (I tend to use Uncle Bens)

Heat oven to 350
Put the chicken in a lightly greased pan
cook at 350 for 30 minutes, turning once
pour salsa to cover chicken, then shredded cheese, cook another 15 minutes.
cook the rice at the same time

Easy Italian chicken
chicken breasts or thighs
Hunt's diced tomatoes with Italian herbs
Hunt's tomato sauce with Italian herbs
mozzarella cheese
thin spaghetti or vermicelli

Same cooking instructions as above
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