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Cable problems...a thing of the past?

After two cable modems, a router, many tech support calls, and a tech visit...we MAY have fixed the problem with the internet. "May" being the key word. We've been having problems with the internet totally crapping out between 9 pm and 3 am or so for the past two weeks and I have about pulled my hair out.

Apparently our power levels on the cable modem were too high, along with our signal strength being too weak. He also switched our tap at the junction box.  I don't know if this will fix our problem...9 pm tonight will tell.


Two pics from RavenCon up on my mySpace page, if anyone's interested.

Edit to Add: Putting the same pics in my Flickr account, so that those w/o a mySpace can view them.

Computer Do-Over

I'm wiping this computer and starting over. It may be a few days before anyone sees us again online. It was getting to the point that loading the My Computer screen was taking three or four seconds.

Edited to Add: No sooner did I wipe this hard drive than the other computer get hit by a surge of lightning. It remains to be seen whether it's just the power supply or something more serious.

RavenCon sort-of AAR

RavenCon is over for another year, and damn, I'm tired.

Good showing, though (better than last year), and the better organization and great volunteers made my job an especially easy one. I had a lot of time to schmooze with people I'd been wanting to do so with. I think I slept about ten hours the entire weekend. Robert J. Sawyer was an excellent, friendly guest with a great sense of humor. Meant to get David B. Coe to autograph my book but I managed not to, somehow.

I'm going to make more effort to actually get a costume more than twenty four hours before a con, even though it was a smashing success.  Pictures will be forthcoming at a later date.  It's amazing what a short skirt and fishnets will do. *grin*

We thought about going to the dead dog party after but were too tired, plus we had three-plus hours to drive home. I crashed about nine and didn't wake up until this morning around 7ish.

Tminus five days and counting.

RavenCon countdown is upon me, and I'm not at all prepared. Fortunately...this is normal, and a good sign. It means everything will go fine at the con itself.

Speaking of cons, this caught my eye. *giggle* Kaplah!

Still not sleeping well and am beginning to think this is going to be par for the course.

I am again not able to sleep worth a damn.  Yeah, I sleep a few hours here and there, but I am not getting any sort of really restful sleep. I'm also on a downswing of my manic-depressive cycle, which doesn't help matters. Oh, what I wouldn't do for antidepressants and some good sleeping pills.

My mp3 player went up in a puff of smoke about a week ago. Yeah, it was used. Yeah, I know it was a matter of time. But, damn, I loved that thing. I used it all the time.  I almost cried when it quit. Scratch that, I did cry. Not hard, but...there was grief there.

My daughter is having problems of her own that come from being a really smart kid with no social skills that wants friends badly.  A girl of the same age in our apartment complex is bullying her, and then giving her presents.  Being an eight year old, not knowing any better, and wanting a friend so bad she can taste it, she accepts the presents with good but confused grace and then gives in to the bullying.  Sigh. To have the authority to tie a knot in this other girl's ass.

Is it a bad thing when a trip to the store by myself is an event to be cherished?

Weekend mishmash.

Had a relatively busy weekend, but it was fun. Went to the RavenCon meeting in Richmond, and it was mostly a review of the same things we've been going over. Oh, if you're coming to RavenCon: if you are a congoer, you must have your name badge visible at all times in the con areas, even if you are a costumer. No hiding it in the folds of whatever and flipping it out when asked. Visible means visible without asking. No exceptions except for the masquerade hours.  I know this might ruffle some feathers, but we felt it was for the best.

Mark and I visited his SG group on Saturday, and I got to meet people he's been talking about for a while. Very nice visit and very nice people. I'd like to go visit again sometime, but they live three hours away, so it won't be a common event.  Surprisingly, they didn't talk shop most of the time. I also liked the ice cream...Ben and Jerry's "everything but the...." I'm going to have to seek it out and devour it.

I have yet another respiratory bug. Yuck. No sooner do I get past one then I get another one.

Countdown to StellarCon.

For some reason, I like cons but hate packing. It's so mundane, and I always forget something. Always. Without fault. I'm just wondering what it'll be this time.

I'm not looking forward to the long drive, myself. Six hours in the car, if Mapquest is to be believed.

I've taken up my knitting again. I learned how to cable knit and am attempting a winter white scarf.  I like the look of it.

I'll try to update from the con this weekend, if I have time. So many conboys, so little time.
No, I haven't died. I'm not in the hospital. I'm here. Really.

Been dealing with the weather's sudden changes (50 degrees one day, snow the next), which means my sinuses and nose go nuts and make me miserable (dry nose, sore throat, sinus headaches...you get the picture). 

We've also been making plans to go to StellarCon.  Don't know exactly what the rooming arrangements will be, but I'll be there.  Alas, though, without my costume du jour.  However, meeting Jim Butcher (again), possibly Jennie Breeden, and eating at that wonderful ultra-cheap Italian place a half-mile's walk down the road makes up for not being in a splendiferous costume.
I just want to know what demon possessed me when I thought my daughter's father would make a good parent.

I just wish her father would take some responsibility and not do what's easiest. I should make him join my Church of the Apostolic Clue-By-Four.